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Your eyebrow shape can significantly impact your overall appearance – which is precisely why they are so often noted as the frame of the face. Learning how to shape eyebrows is therefore essential to the art of beauty. In this beginner’s brow shape guide, we'll explore the science behind brow shaping and provide Lancôme's exclusive steps, tools and applications for perfectly shaped brows. Whether you're creating a natural makeup look or enhancing your features for special events, properly shaped brows are key to transforming your complexion. Elevate your beauty game and unveil the power of your ideal brow shape with Lancôme's expert guidance.

How to shape Eyebrows

What is brow shaping?

Let’s begin by dispelling a common misconception: there is no universally “ideal” brow shape. Instead, the key lies in finding the brow shape that best complements your unique face structure. Eyebrow shaping is all about tailoring your eyebrows to enhance your natural features and achieve your desired beauty goals. It involves the careful process of defining and sculpting your brows, which can include removing unwanted hair, filling in noticeable gaps, and giving your brows a more defined and intentional shape. By choosing a brow shape that harmonises with and contours your face, you can achieve a more balanced and flattering look – perfectly shaped brows, sculpted just for you.

How to shape your eyebrows in three steps

Achieving your most desired brow shape can be broken down into three essential steps:

  1. Find your most flattering brow shape: the first step in brow shaping lies in identifying your natural brow shape, serving as the foundation for our desired look. Lancôme's Brôw Define Pencil will support you to lightly outline your existing brow shape.
  2. Brush up and pluck with care: before plucking, remember to brush your brows upward to reveal any stray hairs that might need to be removed. Be sure not to over-pluck and only remove hairs that fall outside your natural brow shape.
  3. Fill in and define the brows: finally, to complete your perfectly shaped brows, fill in any sparse areas or gaps with eyebrow makeup. Lancôme's Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil allows for impeccably precise application, while its powder formula leaves you with a natural look.

Find your most flattering brow shape

The key to perfectly shaped brows is understanding that not every brow shape suits every face shape. This is where the old adage “work with what you’ve got” becomes essential. Think about what face shape you have: those with round faces might like to opt for angled or arched brows, crafting the illusion of higher cheekbones, while our heart-shaped friends might be more inclined to try soft, rounded arches that complement their complexion.

Begin by using Lancôme's Brôw Define Pencil to lightly outline your existing eyebrow shape, determining where your brows begin, how they arch and where they tail off. Available in several shades to match every user’s personal brow tone, the pencil will then help you define the borders of your desired brow shape.

Brush up and pluck with care

Precision is paramount in our goal to achieve perfectly shaped brows, particularly when we’re looking to remove any pesky or unwanted hairs. Prior to plucking, employ the brush head from your Lancôme Brôw Define Pencil to sweep your brows upward. This step helps in identifying hairs that stray beyond the boundaries you’ve so newly defined in the first step.

However, it's crucial to exercise caution when plucking or trimming. Over-plucking can lead to thin or less natural-looking brow shapes. To avoid this, maintain steady restraint and only remove those hairs that clearly fall outside your natural eyebrow shape. By using the right tools, like Lancôme's Brôw Define Pencil, you can maintain the balance between precision and restraint, ensuring that your brows are perfectly shaped without compromising on either style or effort.

Fill in and define the brows

The final step in this “how to shape eyebrows for beginners” guide is where brow shaping transforms into full artistry. Consider using the Lancôme Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil to fill in and elegantly define your brow shape. The dual-ended pencil offers maximum convenience with immaculate precision, while its powdery formula promises a natural look designed to last the day’s length.

First, it's vital to source a shade that closely matches your natural brow colour. You will want to use very light, upward strokes to mimic the appearance and growth of your real hair, filling in any sparse or patchy areas. Finally, use the spoolie brush to blend the product for a seamless finish.

For added definition, reach for Lancôme’s Sourcils Styler. Lasting up to 14 hours, this brow mascara effortlessly coats and tames hairs for beautifully groomed and fuller eyebrows. This unique styler was specifically designed to colour hair, not skin, and uses hair-matching pigments and pearls to carefully adapt to your natural brow shape and colour. Remember, brows are your power

how to define the brows

Popular brow shapes to try

Now that you’ve learned how to shape eyebrows to achieve your perfect brow shape it’s time to let your hair down and experiment. Remember, your eyebrow shape has the ability to transform and enhance your natural features – so let’s explore some popular trends:

  • Rounded: for those born with sharp facial features – high cheekbones, a pointed chin – a softly rounded brow shape will help soften your look.
  • High arches: for those seeking a more dramatic style from their eyebrow shape, high arches will present extra definition and a lifted look. Best to arch towards the tail of your brows, not the centre.
  • Arched toward the tail: for those with round faces, this brow shape employs an arch just before the outer corner of the brow.
  • Straight: for those whose brow shapes do not have a natural arch, you need not worry. Use Lancôme’s Sourcils Styler to keep the brows brushed and well-defined. Simply brush the eyebrow style against the hair to thicken, then smooth the brush in the direction of the brows for an immaculate brow shape definition.

Our tips for perfectly shaped brows

This beginner’s brow shape guide has walked you through Lancôme’s three essential steps for perfectly shaped brows, including popular brow shapes to attempt when your confidence has peaked. Here are a few crucial tips to remember as you continue your brow shaping journey:

  • Honour your boundaries: remember to use the Brôw Define Pencil or the Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil in tandem with your natural arch to outline your ideal brow shape. Removing hair without mapping these boundaries (freehanding) can quickly lead to regret.
  • Honour your pluck: not all plucks are created equal. We advise plucking in the direction that the hair is growing to reduce ingrown hairs, ensuring that your tweezer grips the hair at its root. Magnifying mirrors can lead to excessive (or obsessive) plucking, so we advise a normal mirror with natural lighting.
  • Honour your ritual: regular maintenance, such as brushing your brows, will support them to look healthy and natural. Find a rhythm that works for you – and avoid brow shaping too frequently.
  • Honour your brows: investing in quality products will unlock the power your brows always had.

To learn more about achieving a flawless makeup look that complements your perfectly shaped brows, look to Lancôme’s Makeup: The Ultimate Guide.

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