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Learn about the causes of dull skin and discover how to fix dull looking skin from our Lancome experts. Read now for a step by step approach to radiant skin.

Uncover the Best Anti-Ageing Ingredients in Skincare

All skin types can experience dull skin – the winter months especially leave complexions vulnerable to loss of brightness. Even if your skincare routine remains consistent, dull skin causes can still affect the epidermal and dermal layers. The good news is that radiant skin is easily attainable with a few adjustments to skincare formulas. To see which dull skin treatment suits your skin type, we walk through the different motivators and the best products to brighten dull skin – including gentle exfoliators and brightening serums – year-round. For those frequently wondering ‘why does my skin look dull?’, this comprehensive guide is your go-to for renewed and radiant skin.

What is dull skin and the causes?

Depending on your skin type, dull skin can present itself in numerous ways. So what does dull skin look like? In general, if your skin looks dull it lacks radiance or the ability to reflect the surrounding light. Muted complexions can also appear dry, patchy or ashy. The feeling of skin also shifts when dulled – with symptoms like roughened and uneven textures.

Dull skin causes can’t be pointed to a single factor. Internal, external and behavioural triggers can impact otherwise radiant skin. To see how to fix dull skin, view the possible causes below.

What Is Dull Skin And What Are The Causes

1. Ageing

Ageing is perhaps the number one reason for dull skin. In our youth, skin tends to look firm, plump and even thanks to our body’s production of collagen and elastin – however, as we get older, the production of these proteins slows. This shift alongside other symptoms like fine lines and dehydration can contribute to an uneven tone and increase the appearance of dull skin.

2. Dead Skin Cells

We shed millions of skin cells each day. When dead skin cells aren’t cleared through physical or chemical exfoliants, they can work against radiant skin. Cells that do not fall away contribute to a muted appearance and rough texture – and is one of the more common dull skin causes for those with dry skin types. To rectify this, ensure that you’re gently exfoliating once or twice a week to shift those dead skin cells.

3. External Environment

Your surrounding environment plays a massive role in the health and appearance of your skin, which is understandable: your skin is your body’s largest organ and is routinely exposed to the elements. Polluted air, debris and UV radiation can create free radicals on skin – which affect collagen levels. Resulting complexions can be lacking in firmness, texturally rough and visibly muted. To combat free radicals, be sure to cleanse your face every night in order to wash away any impurities built up over the day or in sleep.

4. Dehydration

Dehydration can lead to a wealth of skin issues, including dull skin. As dehydration can cause the skin to thin, it can have a serious impact on the way your skin looks – thinner skin is more suspectable to a weakened appearance. To counter this, daily application of nourishing skincare ingredients can be implemented.

Skincare routine to revitalise dull skin

The best products for dull skin can revitalise even persistently dull skin. When skin looks dull or lacks radiance, only a few gentle adjustments are needed to create an effective brightening skincare routine

  1. Exfoliate and cleanse.

    All routines begin with a cleanser – to reset and purify complexions before further application. Advanced Génifique Skin Barrier Preserving Cleanser protects the strength of skin against concerns like dehydration. Next, a gentle exfoliant ensures dead skin cells are cleared without compromising the strength of superficial layers. Rose Sugar Scrub improves texture and boosts radiant skin with the inclusion of sugar grains and rose water. Apply your exfoliant to your face in small, circular motions to scrub away dead skin cells that contribute to dull skin.

  2. Always moisturise, day and night.

    During the day, a facial cream such as Génifique Cream will not only provide nourishing moisture content, but also work to target the signs of ageing (including skin dullness). At night, a night cream like Absolue Nuit Premium BX Night Cream works to mend environmental damages at a critical time of skin cell renewal.

  3. Apply serums and facial treatments throughout the week.

    Powerful brightening serums include targeted ingredients to revitalise and reveal radiant skin. Absolue The Serum and Advanced Génifique contain protective molecules and prebiotics to address fine lines and wrinkles to improve skin bounce and glow.

  4. Wear SPF daily.

    Many day creams contain SPF due to its importance in reducing the harm the sun does to our skin. Wearing sunscreen helps to maintain optimal levels of skin health.

Lancome Skincare routine

Skincare Ingredients that address dull skin causes

There are a number of anti-ageing and skin-brightening ingredients that can help to achieve youthful, radiant skin. One of the most noticeable is Vitamin C, a power antioxidant that fights free radicals. Hyaluronic acid also has a major role to play when it comes to treating the skin, providing intense hydration to help combat the signs of ageing and dull skin. Finally, salicylic acid helps to deliver a noticeably brighter skin tone, thanks to its ability to encourage skin renewal.

Keep exploring to discover more about Génifique – our #1 anti-ageing range.


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