Waterproof mascaras that do the job!

We all need waterproof mascara that does the job! Whether it’s a surprise rainstorm, or a sweaty session in the gym… A night in watching a classic rom-com or attending a best friend’s wedding… there are so many good reasons to shed a tear or two these days, it’s best to be ready. Thankfully Lancôme offer plenty of solutions to our problems and mascara running down our cheeks is a thing of the past.
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A brief history of waterproof mascara

Did you know that we owe our first waterproof mascara to Viennese actress Helene Viethaler Winterstein who patented her version in 1938? Our heroine couldn’t cope with leaking stage make-up under the bright lights every night, so she took matters into her own hands and created her own waterproof mascara formula.

Really, seriously waterproof

Never mind the texturizing formula with highly saturated wax and Pro Vitamin B5(1) that made Hypnôse Waterproof the much-loved waterproof mascara it is today! Here’s to Lancôme coming up with makeup innovations that really work so we can embrace our emotions freely.

So how should you choose your perfect waterproof mascara?

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"Waterproof mascaras aren’t all the same. You need to really know what you’re looking for in terms of results – and know your lashes before you choose. My favorite is Hypnôse Waterproof because you can customize your application, volume, length or curve effect all day long.”
L’Oréal head of make-up training German Moyano

Choosing the best waterproof mascara to suit you

It’s good to know who you are to make the right choices. So spend a little time assessing just who you are, and what your waterproof mascara should be saying about you.

Best for the Sophisticate

We hear you loud and clear: the bigger the volume, the better. Hypnôse Waterproof is a bestseller thanks to its tighter bottle that lets you apply the exact right amount of mascara, and build as you please. The fluid, easy to apply formula means you can keep tweaking the results without worrying about clumps or overloading your lashes.

Best for the Intense

Hypnôse Drama Waterproof is the answer for intensity, and those who want to a touch of mystery. The waterproof mascara’s wider bottleneck means more product for fuller, duskier, dramatic results.

Best for the Doll-Face

Love to bat those lashes? Embrace the false lash look but prefer to keep it natural? Hypnôse Doll Eyes was created for those playful doll face types who love a little flirting and fluttering. This waterproof mascara gives lashes a thicker, more voluminous look and opens those eyes really wide. Thanks to a unique cone shaped nylon brush which reaches the tiniest of lashes, and the hard to reach corners, and the exclusive FiberShineTM formula, each lash is loaded and perfectly covered, sculpting and curling in the process. Perfect to channel that 60’s vibe.

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But will my waterproof mascara ever come off?

Good question! Here we are telling you how waterproof mascara is a wonderful thing, how it stays on and on and on… but how does it come off? Easy. Lancôme has the secret weapon to melt away all mascaras without any hassle: Bi-Facil .

How does it work?

Finally the perfect marriage between efficiency and kindness!

Bi-Facil is a bi-phase eye make-up remover made up of a gentle oil phase and micellar water and is really easy to use. Here are 4 simple steps to follow for a stress-free waterproof mascara removal process without doing any damage to your lashes.

Step 1: Fold it

Don’t just use an entire cotton – use it wisely! For an extra insider trick, fold your cotton pad into four and imbibe with Bi-Facil. Then use the corners to wipe under the eye line and as you unfold, use the ‘clean’ parts to wipe. Remember to use one cotton pad for each eye so as to minimize the risk of any irritation.

Step 2: Soak it

By the way, make sure the cotton is really wet with your make-up removing solution. Irritations can often be due to rubbing with dry cotton.

Step 3: Rest it

Leave each cotton pad to rest on the closed eye’s lashes for 20 seconds. This will act as a ‘mask’ and help with smoother removal when the lashes are properly covered with Bi-Facil.

Step 4: Wipe it

Gently wipe downwards following the lashes. You’ll see the mascara come off without any trouble at all. Repeat nightly! Choosing Lancôme’s quality waterproof mascara, is more than a makeup choice, it’s a lifestyle choice. The choice? To live freely, unconstrained, and happy to embrace those emotions, every day, any day!