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Applying Mascara to Sensitive Eyes

Sensitive eyes can be a real issue, so knowing how to apply mascara the right way will ensure you avoid further irritation.

Applying Mascara to Sensitive Eyes

Full bodied eyelashes elevate any look and don’t take much time to achieve. Mascara, the universal key to great lashes, can be found in most makeup bags and purses. For those with sensitive skin and eyes though, the relationship to the cult-favourite beauty product is a little trickier. Certain ingredients and application styles can irritate and cause reactions to those with sensitive skin types. So how do we navigate mascara so that it can do its best work without resulting in itchiness and redness?

If you have sensitive eyes or skin (including conditions like eczema and rosacea) we have you covered. Read through to learn about mascara and find out the best application, tips and mascaras for sensitive eyes below.

What is Mascara?

Mascaras are a cosmetic product that enhance the appearance of eyelashes and our eyes. They come in the form of a wand and are, generally speaking, long-wearing. There are a bunch of different mascara variations depending on your beauty goals. Some mascaras curl, some nourish, and some promise to darken or lengthen. The three key benefits that mascaras offer is added volume, increased length and definition.

Common ingredients found in mascara

Knowing what mascara is made out of is important for those with sensitive skin. It can mean the difference between sultry and sensitive. The basic formula of mascaras involves a combination of oils and waxes that add colour and define the shape of your eyelashes. Common ingredients used in mascara include glycerin (a natural alcohol), colour additives, water and magnesium silicate (a clay-like substance).

Which ingredients in mascara can irritate sensitive skin?

With the wrong ingredients and application, mascara can cause eye irritation. Those with sensitive skin should avoid using Retinyl Acetate – a natural form of Vitamin A. While the toxicity level is very low, it may irritate sensitive skin.

Symptoms that can be caused by mascara on irritated skin include inflammation, teary eye-ducts and bloodshot eyes. If any of these reactions occur you should stop using your product immediately.

Best use of mascara for sensitive skin

There are a few great application tips that can help to avoid irritation and uncomfortable reactions to mascara. Those with sensitive skin should always brush further away from the root to make sure that the skin around the eye isn’t covered by product. Making a habit of removing all eye makeup (and makeup in general) before bed will allow your skin to breath and rest. Alongside this, each time you use mascara germs are added to the wand.  Over time this can lead to bacteria being formed. You should replace your mascara regularly – every 3 months is a good guide. Lastly, stick to throwing out your old bottles and makeup packaging. Opened products carry bacteria, which can lead to infections and irritation.

Best mascara for sensitive eyes

If your skin is prone to irritation, dryness and redness, a sensitive mascara will allow you to get full-bodied lashes without the drama.

Hypnôse Volume-A-Porter Mascara

Hypnose Volume-a-porter Mascara

The wax found in mascara can cause stiffness, which isn’t good news for those with sensitive skin as the lashes can stress skin. Our Hypnose Volume-A-Porter Mascara uses 2 times less wax while still providing full volume and length. The ultra-creamy formula is also enriched with extracts of Native Rose Cells™ to naturally strengthen lashes.

Hypnôse Drama Mascara

Hypnose Drama Mascara

After bold flirty lashes that make an impact? Our Hypnose Drama Mascara includes a thick, S-shaped wand that instantly gives full body to lashes. Fragrance free and allergy tested, this is your go-to for sexy lashes that won’t cause irritation on skin.

Lash Idóle Volumising Mascara

Lash Idole Volumising Mascara

Some days call for 24-hour wear. Our Lash Idóle Volumising Mascara offers fanned out, beautiful lashes that last all day and night. Each lash is targeted with a creamy anti-clumping formula that provides a 140% eye opening effect. Smudge proof and with a feather-light feel, Lash Idóle is your easy ticket to lash goals

Tips for using mascara on sensitive skin

When using a mascara on sensitive skin for the first time, it’s important to take time and test it properly. If any itchiness, redness, flakiness or inflammation occurs, it’s not the right fit. If your skin appears happy, follow the application tips and bold lashes can be yours.

Type Of Mascara For Sensitive Skin

Patch test new mascara

Patch testing is a simple way to determine how your skin will take to a cosmetic or skincare product. When testing a new mascara, apply a small amount of the product to a clear patch of skin that has been washed and dried. The skin behind your ears and on the crook of your elbow are good spots to trial on. Wait 24 hours to see how skin reacts. If you can feel a burning or itchy sensation, or skin appears red beforehand, remove the product. If not, it should be safe to use.

Look for simple formulas

Look for mascara products that don’t contain a daunting list of ingredients, and always consult your dermatologist about any ingredients that concern you.

Avoid waterproof mascara

Although waterproof mascaras stand the test against tears, water and sweat, their formula isn’t great for sensitive skin. This is because they’re harder to remove, which means your sensitive skin won’t get a proper break from products. You may have to give mascara a miss when swimming – but it ensures your skin won’t suffer.

Types of mascara

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