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Face Mapping Technology in Skin Care

The technology in face mapping has been key to assessing skin health. We will walk through the benefits of this tool, so you understand your skin at every angle.

Face Mapping Technology in Skin Care

Face mapping traditionally worked to decode the body’s hidden messages through issues present on the skin. Whilst modern technology has meant that traditional face mapping has evolved. Advances in beauty tech have given skincare experts the tools to precisely assess an individual's skin, and provide custom solutions based on science.

Discover how Lancôme’s proprietary Face Mapping beauty technology Skin Screen, utilises high performance imaging to detect problem areas, and target them based on personalised skincare routines rooted in science.

The History of Face Mapping - Mian Shiang

Face mapping originated thousands of years ago as part of ancient Chinese medicinal practices. Known as Mian Shiang in Chinese, the ayurvedic technique was first used to identify potential diseases and imbalances in patients prior to the advent of Western medicine and is still widely practiced today. This centuries-old belief links organs to specific meridians on the face, which are all interconnected by energy (qi) flowing along visible lines. When one organ is not in balance, this will show as a sign or symptom on the face.

Mian Shiang is also used to decode other aspects of an individual’s life, such as joy, sorrow, anger, and grief. Thus, building on the belief that emotional and physical wellbeing are interconnected, and can manifest physically in our bodies.

Face Mapping Today

While there is no scientific evidence to support Main Shiang, modern studies have long proven the links between breakouts on some specific areas of the face, to parts of our bodies. For example, spots on the chin area have been linked to an increase in hormone levels. Moreover, skincare experts agree that lifestyle factors like lack of sleep, stress, smoking, poor diet, and sun-exposure can also impact on skin health.

Advances in skincare technology have meant that we have powerful tools at our disposal to accurately analyse, and combat some of the most prevalent skin concerns faced today.

What is Skin Screen Face Mapping & How does it Work?

Skin Screen Face Mapping is an innovative system that has been developed in 2021 by the experts at Lancôme. This technology works to assess the condition of an individual's skin using state-of-the-art imaging systems with tri-polar light technology. The specifically designed algorithm accurately assesses and scores skin health on a set of key parameters. In just 20 minutes, subjects will receive an individualised report on the state of their skin, from which a personalised skincare routine can be created.

The 8 Skin Health Parameters

Lancôme’s beauty tech tool works to analyse skin based on 8 key parameters. Using an imaging system, the Skin Screen analysis examines for traces of these parameters, including their intensity, and where on the face they occur.

All 8 are assessed and then scored, with results allowing your skincare expert to provide you with a bespoke routine using Lancôme’s powerful Genifique range. This process ensures that products included in your routine are not only the right products for your specific concerns, but that any products which are not right can be eliminated from the process.


Skin texture is the condition of the surface of the skin. Ideally texture is smooth, soft, and supple. Dry, rough, and uneven skin tone can occur due to a range of issues including a loss of collagen. Serums with ingredients including Vitamin C or retinol can work to brighten dull complexions, improving texture.


Red patches on the face can be caused by a number of complaints, including rosacea, eczema, and general irritation. The Advanced Génifique Sensitive Face Serum targets redness, dryness, and roughness. It’s packed with antioxidants like Vitamin E and is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.


Brown spots are also be known as sunspots, age spots, or hyperpigmentation. They are generally caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and are characterised by irregular patches of darker skin. While wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen is essential to preventing further dark spots from occurring, using a corrector containing ingredients such as Vitamin C and French Beech Bud Extract can also work to brighten brown spots over time.


Dry dehydrated skin is more prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles over time than skin that is sufficiently hydrated. Skin that is found to be dry during the Skin Screen analysis may be treated with the likes of rich daily moisturisers, such as the Génifique Day Cream. This moisturiser works to not only combat fine lines and wrinkles, but promotes a youthful moisturised appearance.


During the aging process, our bodies naturally lose collagen and elastin which are essential in creating plump, bouncy, firm skin. The very thin area around our eyes is particularly susceptible to wrinkles and is often one of the first areas of the face to age. The Advanced Génifique Light Pearl Youth Activating Eye & Lash Concentrate visibly reduces bags and eye sag, with the added benefit of helping to fortify lashes.


As with sagging, the loss of collagen, sun exposure, and lifestyle factors like smoking can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Skin Screen mapping can identify where on your face wrinkles and fine lines are most prevalent, allowing a Lancôme skincare expert to create a custom routine for you based on the Génifique range.


Pores are the small openings in the skin in which oil and sweat are released from within the glands below. These can become blocked if dead skin cells are not adequately cleansed. Using a cleanser or makeup remover daily is essential in ensuring pores do not become clogged and enlarged. The Skin Screen analysis will alert a Lancôme expert to where on the face pores are clogged, allowing for a customised treatment.


The final skin health parameter assessed during the scan is UV damage. Lancôme skincare experts are able to identify zones of the skin that have been subject to prolonged sun-damage, and suggest customised solutions to work towards preventing, and visibly improving sun damaged skin.

Thanks to Lancôme’s innovative Skin Screen beauty technology, experts are now able to accurately discover and assess individual skin health based on state of the art face mapping technology. Let science and personalisation form the basis of your dedicated skincare routine!

Discover the secrets of your skin at selected Lancôme beauty counters in shopping centres around Australia today and read the latest on skincare within our online beauty magazine.

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