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Anti-Aging Skincare Guide

Anti-aging skin care can illuminate, firm and plump skin at any age. Care for your complexion and texture with Lancôme’s radiance-boosting and award-winning serums, creams, and essences. To get the most from your anti-aging skincare routine, learn optimal application methods and ingredients for your skin type. Explore the best anti-aging products in Lancôme’s’ luxurious collections to tackle signs of aging and protect beautiful skin.

Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Aging Skincare

The term 'anti-aging' has become a significant buzz word in skincare, though it's important to look beyond this. To find the best skincare products to target your concern, you must look into the causes of aging skin, what visible signs to look for, and more. Here's a quick rundown of all things anti-aging you should know.

What are the visible signs of aging?

As aging skin loses elasticity, visible symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles can appear. Where fine lines are superficial grooves on skin’s surface, wrinkles are deep-set in skin layers. Fine lines are some of the first signs of aging and can develop into more prominent wrinkles as time goes on. Another major occurrence addressed by anti-aging skin care products are dark spots and discolouration on skin. These phenomena are caused by behavioural and environmental stress like lifestyles and sun exposure.

When is the best time to start using anti-aging skincare?

Products like anti-aging cream and serums can brighten and firm mature skin, but they also benefit skin at any age. It’s really never too early to implement anti-aging skincare into your daily routine. Simple routines like a cleanser, eye cream and SPF can protect and strengthen skin’s vitality, and be added alongside other steps like anti-aging face cream.

Stages of aging

There are 3 main stages of aging skin, which starts to form at around 25 years of age. As the superficial layer of skin (called the epidermis) thins and collagen content lessens, initial signs of maturing skin like thin lines around the mouth appear. Later on in life, facial contours lose density and skin can become progressively loose and thin. By implementing efficacious and renewing anti-aging skin care, radiant and bouncy complexions can be protected.

The ultimate anti-aging skincare guide

Discover how to place the best anti-aging skincare for beautiful results at any age.

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How to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

For plump, glowing skin at any age, pair the best anti-aging skincare products with healthy and supportive habits.

Protect your skin from the sun

Australian’s experience visible facial aging much sooner than those in Europe and North America, thanks to increased UV radiation. Adequate sunscreen application is one of the most important aspects of Anti-aging skin care. Apply it daily (yes – even in winter), and reapply as directed to protect against skin stress.

Adopt a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle

Balance is key to most things, aging skin included. Eating a nutrient rich diet, drinking optimal levels of water each day, and instilling healthy habits supports physical and mental health. An anti-aging skin routine is one example of the mindful and intentional self-care you deserve.

Cleanse gently

The best anti-aging skincare can only go so far without the right application. Gentle placement is integral to keeping the skin barrier intact – which is what retains moisture and protects against stressors like bacteria. When cleansing or exfoliating, always massage in gentle, circular motions.

Use targeted anti-aging serums

Aging skin can differentiate in status and symptoms. Rather than being one universal product, science-backed serums can be formulated to address specific concerns. For best results, opt for targeted anti-aging formulas like firming or brightening serums.

Hydrate your body

Moisture intake can illuminate, plump and even skin tones. By combining topical application and water consumption, your skin can stay optimally hydrated. Products like anti-aging face cream are one of the most important components of anti-aging routines.

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