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Five Timeless Perfumes for Mature Women

As we grow older, it’s natural for our signature scent to evolve alongside other changes to our personality and identity. In gaining life experience, we can also take on headier aromas and more complex notes. Since fragrance is such a personal form of expression, most women will have a desire to seek out mature perfume scents that complement their character. While there is no definitive ‘best fragrance’ for older women, there are many deeper scent profiles that you can seek out on your olfactory journey. Continue reading as we demystify five timeless fragrances from the Lancôme collection that embody mature sophistication.

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What is a good perfume for an older woman?

It can be difficult to choose a perfume that boldly expresses all the dizzying complexities of being a modern, mature woman. So, what are some of the olfactive characteristics of perfumes for mature ladies? Let us first identify the four scent families: fresh, woody, amber and floral. While many women grow out of sugary sweet, fruity profile fragrances in their late twenties, as we mature, we open ourselves up to more potent scent profiles that have spice components or daring floral notes. In fact, perfume for mature women tends to have elements of all scent families, denoting just how multifaceted we become with age.

Five Lancôme fragrances for older women

Lancôme perfume experts have honed the intersection of scent families to craft unique, intricate fragrances that honour mature women of all ages. Below, we have included a perfume guide to help you find a fragrance with everlasting appeal that’s perfect for everyday wear or reserved for life’s milestones. Discover the captivating notes of some of Lancôme’s most cherished fragrances in the La Vie Est Belle, Poême, Trésor and Hypnôse collections.

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La Vie Est Belle L'Eau De Parfum

As one of our bestselling perfumes for older women, La Vie Est Belle L'Eau De Parfum was created by three of the most renowned French perfumers to deliver a powerful trail that balances regal iris pallida, patchouli and heady vanilla accord. This scent evokes happiness and joyous femininity, encased in an elegant bottle that mirrors mature sophistication. Dominique Ropion, co-creator of this scent, speaks to its distinct, iconic and timeless floral profile, “When you smell La vie est belle on the street, there is no hesitation on whether this is La vie est belle … its identity is obvious and instant.”

Trésor Eau De Parfum

A fragrance formulated for treasured moments, Trésor Eau De Parfum exudes love from a heart of Damascus rose. Combing floral, fruity, powdery and amber notes, this intoxicating, feminine perfume is one for the woman who leaves an imprint behind. Initial notes of rose petals, apricot blossoms and peach tree flowers unveil a heart of vanilla, heliotrope, iris and Lilly of the Valley. Sandalwood and musk linger on the skin, hinting at the deeper layers waiting to be uncovered.

Hypnôse Eau De Parfum

The most compelling mature perfume scents are those that leave a lasting impression, a distinct charm that can never be fully articulated. Hypnôse Eau De Parfum, which earns its name from the French word for ‘hypnosis’, truly lives up to its name. A bewitching blend of amber and woody olfactive families give this fragrance a sensuality only a mature woman could carry, leaving behind a magical trail of passionflower, vanilla and vetiver.

Poême Eau De Parfum

Vibrance and sensuality converge in Poême Eau De Parfum, a fragrance for older women that enchants both the wearer and those around them. Himalayan poppy, lychee blossom and mimosa floral notes entwine with opulent tones of vanilla to create a scent that is equal parts adventure, spirit, intuition and femininity. This is a fragrance of contrasts, one that powerfully emulates the depth of a woman’s polarities.

La Nuit Trésor Eau De Parfum

La Nuit Trésor Eau De Parfum is the sultry counterpart to Trésor Eau De Parfum, the night to its day. Conjured from the scent of the mysterious black rose, La Nuit Trésor is a poem of sensuality designed for a mature wearer. Top notes of black rose essence unfurl to reveal a heart of vanilla tahitensis orchid absolute, before base notes of incense papyrus essence and lychee praline announce their lasting presence on the skin.

We hope you have been inspired by Lancôme’s favourite perfumes for mature women. Next, discover how to apply perfume the French way so it lingers beautifully on the skin.


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