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Moisturisers with SPF

Protect your skin daily with Lancôme's moisturiser with SPF. Ensure your morning skincare routine not only hydrates your skin all day long but also assists in fighting environmental skin aggravators that can cause skin aging

Moisturisers with SPF

Moisturisers with SPF

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1 product
Absolue Premium βx Face Day Cream
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Absolue Premium βx Face Day Cream

Regenerating Day Cream - Replenishes Skin - SPF 15

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What is a Moisturiser with SPF?

A face moisturiser with SPF is exactly what it sounds like - a moisturiser and SPF in one, designed to cut down time and hassle while getting ready for the day.

Wearing SPF on your face every day is every skincare expert’s top tip to looking younger and fresher. This is because the sun causes inflammation that damages the structure of our skin. Wearing an SPF can not only prevent premature aging, but actually works to decrease the appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles and improve texture, as well as reduce risks of developing skin cancer.

Why should I use a moisturiser and SPF in one?

Using an SPF moisturiser in Australia ensures you never leave the house without sun protection. It saves you time and provides peace of mind that you’re always taking care of your skin, no matter how quickly you rush out the door.

Is SPF Moisturiser the same as sunscreen?

Like sunscreen, SPF moisturiser protects our skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, which causes skin damage and premature aging. Rather than using a separate sunscreen at the end of your skincare routine, using a daily moisturiser with SPF from Lancôme Australia provides luxurious hydration in a non-sticky, lightweight formula. SPF moisturisers are also designed to save you time in the mornings, not only skipping a step in your skincare routine, but ridding you of the extra time it takes for a thick sunscreen to sink in before putting on makeup.

Should I use a moisturiser with SPF all year round?

Short answer, yes. Even if it doesn’t look like the sun is shining, harmful UVA and UVB rays can be penetrating your skin. In fact, even if you’re sitting inside all day, these rays can still be damaging your skin through the window. For the best anti-aging protection, a daily moisturiser with SPF should be used all year round.

How to use face moisturiser with SPF

    1. Cleanse the skin using a hydrating cleanser like Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam
    2. Apply a toner all over the face, like the Tonique Douceur
    3. Apply serums to the face, starting with the thinnest and working up to the thickest
    4. Apply a moisturiser with SPF over the entire face, jaw, neck and hands, making sure you’re using at least half a teaspoon to achieve the SPF on the label
    5. Follow with your makeup routine
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