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You may spend anywhere between ten minutes to an hour to get your skin ready to face the day. Whether you are applying a full face of makeup or opting for a minimal ‘no makeup’ look, it’s certainly not ideal for your makeup to clock off earlier than expected. This is where makeup primer steps up to save face. If you’re wondering, ‘what’s makeup primer?’ or ‘how important is primer for makeup?’, prepare to uncover more about the beauty bag staple in this extensive guide by Lancôme.

what is makeup primer and how to use it

What is makeup primer?

Aside from implementing a solid skincare and makeup routine, makeup primer is undoubtedly the best kept secret to a flawless face. As a hybrid product that bridges the gap between skincare and makeup application, primer sets your blank canvas post-skincare and keeps your makeup in place for longer. It essentially creates a barrier between the product and your skin, so you can get more out of your makeup products, and lastly – look your best.

So, what does makeup primer do? There are many kinds of makeup primers, including eye, lip, lash and face primers – and, true to their names – they all focus on various areas of the face. This guide will explore Lancôme’s collection of face primers, to reveal radiant, glowing skin that lasts.

What does makeup primer do?

Now that you’re across what makeup primer is, let’s delve into what it does for the skin. While a primer wears many hats (like smoothing, concealing and prepping the skin for makeup application), its main role is to help makeup stay intact for longer and provide the skin with a flawless finish.

Additionally, makeup primer has other benefits. Depending on the formula, makeup primer can:

  • Help to regulate oil production.
  • Minimise the appearance of pores.
  • Visibly smooth fine lines and signs of aging.
  • Lock moisture into the skin, as many primers are formulated with hydrating ingredients.
  • Mattify the skin.

How to apply makeup primer

As for how to apply makeup primer – the process is simple. After cleansing and applying face oils, serums, moisturiser and/or SPF, allow your skin to dry for a few minutes. Then, use clean fingers to massage your primer into place, right down to the neckline, or wherever your foundation typically ends. Alternatively, you may prefer to gently dab your primer on using a makeup sponge. Allow the formula to dry before continuing with your foundation and other makeup products.

How to choose a makeup primer for your skin’s needs

Now that you know how to apply makeup primer, let’s discover a primer that suits your skin’s needs. Whether you are hoping to boost hydration, minimise the appearance of pores or even mattify your foundation, makeup primer can help you to achieve your desired look.
If there is any indecision regarding what primer will best suit your skin needs and goals, discover Lancôme’s range of makeup primers below.

Our best primer for radiant hydration

Searching for a makeup primer that unveils a radiant complexion? The Absolue Perfecting Primer is enriched with exclusive Absolue perpetual rose extract and 24-karat pure gold that veils skin in a subtle golden hue. With a unique, light texture that is best described as an ‘air-like formula’, this primer is designed to melt seamlessly into the skin with a relaxing and luxe, silky sensation. For an instant golden glow and flawless complexion that lasts the day – this primer is worth its weight in gold.

primer for smooth makeup application

Our best primer for smooth makeup application

Many beauty lovers grapple with the question, ‘do you need a makeup primer?’ You can still wear makeup without the assistance of a makeup primer. However, blending it into your skincare and makeup ritual will enhance the longevity of your makeup, as well as the pigmentation.

Searching for a makeup primer to prep the skin for a full face of makeup? Meet the La Base Pro Face Make-up Primer. Drawing inspiration from makeup artistry techniques, this makeup primer unveils a smoothed skin surface that’s ready to be brushed, blushed and painted. The ultra-soft, translucent base allows this product to boost the longevity of your makeup, so only minimal touch ups are required throughout the day.

If a lightweight mattifying primer is preferred, opt for the Prep & Matte primer. This refreshing and hydrating formula refines skin texture, minimises the appearance of pores, helps to lengthen your foundation’s wear and works to control shine all day long. Both primers are excellent options – it’s all up to personal preference.

Our best primer for extending your foundation

For the loyal foundation wearers, Lancôme presents the 24H Hydrating Priming Serum – a makeup-extending and skin-smoothing primer that transforms into a balm-like texture once applied. Enriched with 1% hyaluronic acid and brightening niacinamide, this formula is suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and is designed to extend the wear of your foundation.

Lastly, if you are wondering ‘can I apply primer without makeup?’ – the answer is yes. The radiant finish factor of the 24H Hydrating Priming Serum makes it the best choice for those minimal-to-no-makeup days. However, if a lightweight hydrating primer is your preferred primer option, reach for the Prep & Hydrate primer. This formula helps to prepare your base for foundation application and leaves a radiant finish on the skin. Both primers offer hydration for up to 24 hours, revealing moisturised, radiant skin that’s ready to face whatever’s on the daily agenda.

Once you have mastered how to use makeup primer, you can discover our extensive guide to longwear foundation.


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