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The ever-evolving world of skincare has made achieving a flawless complexion possible, but with innovation comes a new challenge: discerning which ingredients are most valuable for your skin needs and concerns. In the last few years, peptides have become a popular ingredient in skincare formulations - and for good reason. Not only can peptide-infused skincare support an array of complexion concerns and stimulate collagen production, but because they naturally occur in skin already, peptides are suitable for use on most skin types. Ready to implement peptide-based formulas into your skincare routine? Ahead, discover the benefits of peptides for skin.

Benefits of Peptides What You Need to Know

How are peptides used in skincare?

Understanding what peptides are and what they do is the key to unlocking the power of this hero skincare ingredient. Touted for their youth enhancing properties, peptides are short chains of amino acids that form the building blocks of key skin proteins like collagen and elastin. When formulated into moisturisers, eye creams and serums, peptides aim to support the skin moisture barrier and boost hydration to reveal a plumper looking complexion, improve texture, and soften the appearance of fine lines.

What are the benefits of peptides?

Gentle and naturally occurring, peptides are typically suitable for use on any skin type and are highly compatible with most skincare ingredients. Adopting products formulated with peptides can complement almost any skincare routine by helping to:

  • Support mature skin
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Strengthen the skin moisture barrier
  • Improve the appearance of dark circles and pigmentation

  • Take advantage of the benefits of peptides in skincare with Lancôme’s collection of luxurious formulas designed to support a variety of skin concerns.

    Support mature skin

    It’s a proverbial skincare truth that one is never too young to begin implementing anti-aging products into a routine. The supportive nature of peptide-based formulas are an ideal addition to anti-aging skincare routines at any age. One of the best anti-aging ingredients in skincare, peptides benefit a youthful appearance by helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, increase firmness and enhance plumpness. Lancôme experts have designed Rénergie HPN-300 Peptide Cream to benefit skin at any stage of the aging process, including those who have apparent signs of aging like wrinkles. An infusion of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide hydrate and nourish the skin while enhancing the benefits of over 300 types of peptides that are concentrated into this high-performance formula.

    Multi lift cream with peptides

    Stimulate collagen production

    One of the most youth-boosting benefits of peptides for skin is its ability to help boost collagen production. Alongside other proteins like elastin, collagen is responsible for giving structure to the skin and influencing a plump complexion - two major hallmarks of a youthful appearance. Collagen production decreases with age, which can lead to visibly lowered volume and a sallow complexion, so adopting peptide enriched skincare can improve tightness and increase volume. Re-plump skin and support a lifted appearance by applying Rénergie Multi-Lift Day Cream Rich as part of a morning skincare routine, revealing a firmer complexion with a structured appearance.

    Strengthen the skin moisture barrier

    Skin is the body’s largest organ and serves a variety of protective functions. In order for skin to function the way it needs to, the skin moisture barrier needs to be healthy. The skin moisture barrier sits on the outermost layer of skin (called the epidermis). This protective shield defends against external stressors such as UV radiation and pollution, which if let to permeate skin’s layers can lead to premature skin aging and hinder skin’s strength. Hydration is a fundamental element of a strong skin moisture barrier, so pamper your complexion with Rénergie Multi-Lift Night Cream as part of your evening skincare routine. Infused with deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid to enhance the skin firming benefits of peptides, this indulgent formula targets multiple layers of skin to replenish moisture overnight.

    Peptides for matured skin

    Soften dark circles and hyperpigmentation

    For those prone to common complexion concerns like dark circles and pigmentation, the skin under and around the eyes can be brightened and improved by the benefits of peptides in skin care. A glow inducing peptide eye cream can improve the appearance of pigmentation and discolouration by counteracting dullness, while the skin volumising effects of this ingredient can reduce the sunken appearance of dark circles. Infused with salicylic acid – a hero skincare ingredient for a radiant complexions - Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra Eye Cream aims to enhance luminescence and soften the appearance of dark circles and dullness. By blending peptides with hyaluronic acid and caffeine, this silky-smooth eye cream aims to plump the skin, stimulate blood flow, and comfort puffiness, revealing a youthful complexion and an evened tone.

    Now that we’ve covered peptides benefits, continue building your arsenal of skincare knowledge with our guide to the skin microbiome by Lancôme’s lead skin scientists.


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